Liked it at first

May 15, 2008 at 6:51 pm (Deep V, Michelle Monaghan, Necklace, Sheer) ()

The first photo I saw of Michelle Monaghan in this dress was only waist up, and I liked it well enough.

Then I saw this full-length photo and my heart sank. The top really does nothing for her and the skirt is atrocious. Her hips look gi-normous in relation to her waist and bust. And why is the lining two inches shorter than the skirt hem?

I also realized that there is a sheer “undershirt.” It reminds me of figure skating costumes. And I doubt that she is planning to do any triple lutzes on the red carpet.

I think the necklace is a tad heavy for a gauzy and light dress.  It looks like a Purple Heart medal strung on a railroad track.

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