Back to the Future

May 22, 2008 at 5:42 pm (Belt, Floral, Kristin Davis) ()

I think that Kristin Davis is getting ready to reprise the Lea Thompson role in Back to the Future. She has been doing a retro-fifties housewife look for the Sex and the City junket. A bit blah (we’ve seen that look on her … a lot), but not a crime of fashion. Until now.

Check out this dress for her Letterman appearance. Seeing that dress on your TV will make your eyes cross! Let’s break it down.

Chartreuse and purple: I know they are on opposite sides of the color wheel, and therefore should look good together. But here it like someone vomited up their frankenberry cereal.

Floral: I am not the biggest fan of floral, especially big ol’ abstract poppies splattered all over you. It seems less floral and more paintball.

The cut: her other fifties-style dresses of late featured full skirts. A fuller skirt is better for her pear-shaped frame; this slimmer cut is less flattering. Especially when she pulls at it with her hands!? And I don’t like the center seam up the middle of the skirt.

Hello, McFly. Send this one back to 1955.




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