June 16, 2008 at 1:44 pm (All Black, Asymmetrical, Christian Siriano, Necklace, Ruffles, Whoopi Goldberg) (, , )

I don’t expect high fashion from the Tony Awards. And certainly not from Whoopi Goldberg. But when I heard that Christian Siriano (love him!) was designing a dress for Whoopi, my hopes were elevated a bit. Then I saw his sketches (sob). And then I saw the dress itself (sob, wail, gnash teeth).

The dress was really very pedestrian. I get that Whoopi isn’t the easiest to dress, but this is really very mother-of-the-bride (as Project Runway judge Michael Kors would say). The dress has none of the edge and swagger we expected from Christian. It is just a boring, black, ruffly mullet dress. Snore.

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  1. iscreamfashion said,

    I thought this was hot, not the hottest, but still a nice edgy outfit.

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