Paris fashion week

July 2, 2008 at 11:49 am (Asymmetrical, Draped, Liv Tyler, Polka Dots) (, , , , )

Paris fashion week is so fun. New York may have taken over as the center of the modern fashion world, but  Paris is still tops in terms of overall chicness per capita. Plus, they’ve got croissants.

Liv Tyler looked fab-u-lous yesterday in John Galliano. Unfortunately, she appeared today in this Givenchy confusion. There are parts that I really like, but the totality is too much of a jumbled mess. Let’s look at the scorecard.

– Knot at the neckline
– Bodice
– Graphic material
– Shoes

– Single sleeve (at a minimum, it is too long. I think I’d like the look overall if the single sleeve was completely gone)
– Skirt draping (I like the asymmetry, but am not completely sold on the papoose draping look)
– Hair and makeup (It looks a little like she overslept for school and quickly pulled her hair back. And doesn’t she look a lot like Alanis Morissette?)

1 Comment

  1. beni said,

    she looks good but a bit strained by the dress, dark spots on her dress make me feel as she is wearing a buffalow.

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