Off key

July 9, 2008 at 1:33 pm (Alicia Keys, Belt, Denim, Hat, Leather, Scarf) (, , , , )

Dear Diary,

London’s awesome in the summer. I’m so glad I have a show here tonight. It’s about sunny and 63 degrees (that’s about 17 degrees for my Celsius diary readers). Let’s catch some sites. Big Ben. Tower of London. London Eye. Those silly double-decker buses. Love ’em all.

What to wear. What. To. Wear. Hmmm. I do want to fit in, you know. Regular person on the street. Don’t want people staring.

I *am* feeling a bit biker-chick-chic today. Let’s try my grey jeans and my toasty warm lined leather jacket. Fierce. What if I get too cold? I have to keep my throat warmed and ready to sing. Got it! How about my black Louis Vuitton bib– I mean scarf. Perfect. Plus, if I decide to have a whole lobster for lunch, I’ll be all set. No dripped butter on this t-shirt. Let’s add my trucker cap and fake-police-badge-belt. If I pull my belt to the side, I’ll look jaunty. Those crazy Brits like jaunty, right?

Perfect. Dude. Good. To. Go. Peace-out.

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