Wound up tight

August 12, 2008 at 2:23 pm (Belt, Buttons, Stripes) (, , , , , )

I think that Victoria Beckham is very fashionable. But she doesn’t often look very comfortable. Maybe it’s because she isn’t much of a smiler. Maybe it’s the sharp edges of her haircut. Maybe it’s her skeletal body. Or maybe it’s all those reason’s rolled into one. But she usually doesn’t look very comfy– she looks wound up tight.

Take this dress, for example. She is just going out for a Sunday night dinner. It isn’t a runway show. And how can she expect to eat anything (not that she eats much anyways) with that mega-belt?

Beyond looking rigidly uncomfortable, I don’t think all that sacrafice is worth it for *this* dress. I completely understand putting up with some pain for a great dress or some killer shoes. But this combo is neither great nor killer.

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