What are the dang strips for?

August 19, 2008 at 3:35 pm (Emma Stone) (, , , , , , )

I usually don’t like slapstick comedy, and end up wincing in pain more than I laugh. But every once in a while, my mood lightens up and I get the giggles in a silly movie. It happened to me with Stuck on You. It also happened with Old School. So I am actually somewhat interested in The House Bunny. (If I can get past Rumer Willis.)

I checked out The House Bunny premiere photos, half curious about the movie and half curious about Rumer’s outfit. Imagine my surprise when Rumer looked OK, and Emma Stone was wearing this outfit.

It looks like a faded and musty Oriental carpet cut into a very boring dress with Napoleonic cap sleeves. Or maybe it’s like a magazine cover, where they take a bunch of little itty-bitty photos and make one large mosaic photo. Perhaps there’s an embedded image of a bunny in her dress?

I’ve also looked at the odd black strips along her waist from several different angles. Even from multiple directions, I cannot make out any discernible purpose (functional or cosmetic) for them. They indeed are just two random black strips. Hrmpf.

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