I demand a recount

August 26, 2008 at 2:00 pm (Brooch, Michelle Obama) (, , , , , )

I really like Michelle Obama. And I think her speech at last night’s Democratic National Convention was great. But her choice of this Maria Pinto dress demands a recount.

First off– the color. The turquoise color didn’t look good against the bright blue backdrop, and she looked like a turquoise version of Grimace.

Second–the cut. Her bra strap showed on occasion, and the expanse of unfettered material was uber-boring. No defined waistline, no seaming, nothing to add interest. It looks like it was sewed from a Simplicity “It’s So Easy” clothing pattern. The length was a tad too long. I get that she needed to be demure with her knees covered, but it could have still been two inches shorter. And, while she is by no means big, the cut of this dress did nothing for her hips or her backside.

Finally–the pin. What’s up with that Erickson Beamon brooch? Maybe she was trying to create focal point for the close-up shots. Is it a sunburst? A daisy? A subliminal symbol of hope, future progress and prosperity all wrapped into one metal-and-stone accessory?

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