Pixie Chick

September 19, 2008 at 10:02 am (Gloves, Necklace, Sarah Jessica Parker, Stretch) (, , , , , , , )

I don’t *hate* Sarah Jessica Parker’s look for the DVD launch of Sex and the City. I just don’t particularly love it.

The Alexander McQueen dress is OK, albeit a little too tight. It’s blah. Whatever. Pass me another Cosmopolitan. I don’t really *get* the wispy thingies on the front– is it smoke? Cotton puffs? Cobwebs? Don’t know and, honestly, don’t even really care.

Shoes are fine, but little boring. Guess I hoped for a little more. I do NOT like the gloves. At all. They look like knee highs. And I don’t like that they are gathered/bunched/puckered randomly along her forearms.

Most of all, I don’t like her hair. The short pixie bangs only elongate her already long face. And the difference in coloring makes it look like she glued a┬átoupee (or a small rodent) to her forehead.

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