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It is a sharp contrast to post about the highly and intentionally stylized Victoria Beckham to the completely unstyled Julia Stiles.

I am really tired of the Julia Stiles/ Kirsten Dunst philosophy that you can show up at red carpet events in schlumpy clothes. Come on. Maggie Gyllenhaal has pulled herself together. Claire Danes wears couture clothes and still is considered a serious artist.

You can do it. Shed the frumpy clothes, comb your hair, consider some mascara. I guarantee you will still respect yourself in the morning.

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Victoria Beckham must be going for the Superhero of Fashion look. Perhaps she is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Or she will save Gotham City from from the perils of blah fashion?

I’ll say this for Ms. Beckham– she always creates a sensation. For the launch of the Beckham’s new fragrance, she sported Antonio Berardi from head to toe (but not heel).

The dress is lovely and very sculptural. I liked it better at it’s original runway length (which was a few inches longer, but still well above the knee). Her mega-shortened skirt lost most of the interesting detail along the thigh. But a beautiful dress.

It’s the rubberized-leggings-that-become-heelless-platform-boots that are…aahh…noteworthy. They certainly aren’t for everyone. If anyone can pull them off, i would be Victoria Beckham. I like that they push the boundary of what is expected. But when does pushing boundaries just become absurd? Absurd, as in “I can’t really walk or stand in these” absurd? I mean, really? Come on.

I can’t wait until her BFF Katie Holmes buys these to wear with her pegged baggy jeans.

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