I want to pump…you up

June 5, 2008 at 9:40 am (Belt, Denim, High Waisted, Kelly Rowland, Ruffles, Tights) ()

Perhaps Kelly Rowland is trying to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger? She looks ready for the weight room, not a MTV Xbox party.

I really can’t get past the fact that she is wearing iridescent support hose with her short shorts. She isn’t on Dancing with the Stars here! Does she think we can’t tell? That her legs are naturally encased like glittery sausages?

The shorts aren’t too bad, although they do make her look a little hippy. But what is the point of wearing the little denim belt if you are going to trump it with a huge ass patent leather number that looks like the back support belts that Home Depot sales people wear?

The thread-bare tank looks kind of cheap, and I don’t understand the Santa beard ruffled trim. It’s not particularly flattering or interesting. It’s just pointlessly¬†sewn on.

Finally, what is the deal with the black straps? Is she wearing a bikini top under there? Did she come straight from a strange beach where you wear shiny tights with your bikini?

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