Super freak

July 10, 2008 at 2:02 pm (Denim, Kate Moss, Shorts, Stripes, Tights, Tuxedo) (, , , , )

You gotta give it to her…Kate Moss has cajones. I think she is super-human freak of nature. Break-ups don’t faze her. Late nights don’t faze her. The sheer discomfort of denim against tights doesn’t faze her. And, apparently, she doesn’t need to eat very much to maintain this stamina. Wow.

I have to chuckle that black blazers are the “new” hip item. Hello! Who doesn’t have a million black blazers. Granted, styles and cuts change. But on principle alone, I don’t know how a black tuxedo jacket can be defined as cutting edge.

Certainly not when you pair it with a striped tee shirt, denim shorts, black tights and black mary janes. I sincerely hope this isn’t a trend that catches on…


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Still smiling?

July 2, 2008 at 9:56 am (Livia Giuggioli, Sequins, Stripes) (, , , , , , )

We are weak, petty and small; we can’t resist another Mamma Mia post. (Here’s the first.) We blame it on our friends in the fashion blogosphere who posted pictures of the back of the dress Livia Giuggioli wore at the premiere of Mamma Mia (co-starring her delicious husband, Colin Firth.)

Aahhh…a momentary distraction while we think of Colin Firth. As Mr. Darcy. Sigh.

OK, back to the task at hand. Literally. I mean, look at the back of this dress. WHAT!? She is wearing a flippin’ BUMBLE BEE on her back. Who designed this insanity? And what on earth would possess a person to buy it?

Finally, Colin Firth must be a dang good actor. How else could he look at the camera with such a straight look on his face? Although his wife is beautiful, and I am sure their relationship is much deeper than whatever she choses to wear on a certain day (blah, blah, blah), how can he not be saying, “Ok, come on honey. Hut, hut. Let’s get you into his dark and dim theater. Pronto!”

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At least it’s slimming

May 31, 2008 at 9:49 am (Kristin Davis, Stretch, Stripes) ()

The best thing I can say about this dress is, “at least it’s slimming!?”

Now, I realize that the Sex and the City crew has been doing a lot of appearances lately. Perhaps they’re running out of stunning outfits to wear. But this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress is a doozy.

Let’s look at the color palate first. Brown, purple, turquoise, yellow, black and green. I have a general philosophy that there is an inverse ratio between the number of colors in a single outfit and it’s attractiveness. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but they are few and far between. And this dress ain’t one of those exceptions.

Next, let’s look at the cut, especially of the bodice. The neckline and the placement of the purple trim looks like garanimal dominatrix. And it angles her boobs to look like…well…duck feet. Pointing oddly sideways.

I think I’d like the dress better without the placket and four purposeless buttons, and if the brown parts were white or ivory.

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Jagged Little Hem

May 27, 2008 at 3:17 pm (Natalie Portman, Stripes) ()

First I’ll say that I love Natalie Portman’s fashion sense. She goes for  edgy choices. The downside is that (occasionally) those edgy choices won’t work out. Unfortunately, this is one of those choices.

I like the idea of the dress. And I usually like stripes. It is accessorized impeccably. Everything other than the dress looks great.

But on a slow celeb-photo weekend, this dress gets the ax. The stripes are sewn with an exposed, jagged, raw hem so it looks like she is wearing the dress inside out. The fabric looks like muslin. I know Ms. Portman likes to earthy and organic materials, but this isn’t appropriate for an evening look. And the gathering around the midsection doesn’t make any sense.

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