Here are a few people who are consistently and beautifully spot on. They know who they are, and don’t try to be too trendy. Hear that, Paris Hilton?


She started out a little scary (goth, capsules of blood, biker chick) but has been top notch for several years. She understands what works for her, and doesn’t try to overdo her clothes. Here are some lessons we can learn from Ms. Jolie:
– Mix a little naughty with lots of Grace Kelly nice
– Mix and match neutral solids
– Good tailoring to keep clothes figure flattering
– Pencil skirts, open toe heels, hints of cleveage, and black liquid eyeliner


I don’t think that Halle Berry ever has a bad hair day. And she knows how to add a little edge, a little sex-kitten, a little trendiness, without ever losing her inherent look. Here are some lessons we can learn from Ms. Berry:
– Embrace your curves! If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em!
– Glowing skin is your best accessory
– It’s ok to change up your hairstyles

She knows how to dress a petite frame. She keeps her shapes simple and favors classic 40s and 50s silhouettes. Her hair is always impeccable and shiny smooth. Here are some lessons we can learn from Ms. Liu:
– Embrace your enthnicity–it’s what makes you beautiful!
– V-necks add height for a petite person
– You never go wrong with some old school glamour
– Keep beading and sequins simple and understated

It really isn’t fair that she is this gorgeous AND well-dressed! She is selective about her trends, and combines classic good taste with sex appeal. Even pregnant, she manages to look glowing and fabulous. Here are some lessons we can learn from Ms. Alba:
– Dressing classically and well doesn’t mean looking old
– Belts are great to define an hourglass figure
– Add unexpected accent colors to neutrals
– Wear a bold lipstick

At the risk of sounding too 8th grade, Rachel Bilson is soooo cute. Rachel Bilson is soooo sweet. Ok, you get the idea. But I really think she is well dressed and can embrace trends without seeming too trendy. Here are some lessons we can learn from Ms. Bilson:
– Pair a trendy/interesting item or two with classic pieces
– Casual clothes should still fit well
– Accessories make an outfit
– Always consider age apporpriateness


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