Picnic chic

June 30, 2008 at 1:02 pm (Abbie Cornish, Sheer, Tunic) (, , , , )

I don’t like to ridicule celebrities for what they wear in private. If you step on a red carpet, you better be looking your best, darn it.

If some paparazzi is hassling you as you go to Starbucks or are in your own backyard, then you don’t deserve to have your fashion choices critiqued. You’ve got enough to deal with– like some wacko shoving a telephoto lens in your face while you are just trying to run some errands.

I made an exception in this case because Abbie Cornish and Ryan Philippe are “debuting” themselves as a couple. They gotta know that pictures are going to be taken. And she is going to be assessed. Did they start dating before Ryan’s marriage ended? Who is she? And, while we’re at it, what the heck is she wearing!?

Is Abbie a member of a unique Amish or Mormon sect that mandates dowdy shoes? Does she have a rare disorder where her skin shrivels up if it is exposed to sunlight? Why else would she be sooooo covered up at an outdoor summer event?

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