Raspberry Dreamsicle

May 29, 2008 at 10:20 am (Belt, Lil Kim) ()

Well, at least Lil Kim is covered up. Considering she usually shows up half-naked, this should be seen as progress. Though we endorse her choice TO be covered up, we don’t endorse the dress she covered herself up with.

Lil Kim went from super-tight, super-revealing clothes to an over-sized and shapeless jersey dress. I do not understand the seam on her chest at all. It looks like she is wearing a pink strapless dress with an orange t-shirt underneath. And the hem of the dress looks like a stretched out sweatshirt from eighth grade gym class.

The shoes look like they were on the sale shelf at Payless, and the rhinestone belt looks like a dog collar for Paris Hilton’s toy poodle.

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