December 3, 2008 at 12:55 pm (All Black, Beaded, Sharon Stone) (, , , , , , )

Sharon Stone must be starring in one of those movies where a wrongly-accused fugitive is on the run, hacking off all her hair with a garden sheers in a dimly lit subway bathroom to avoid detection by police and security cameras.

What? No? She’s not starring in any movies right now? That’s just her hairstyle? For real? Come on. No way. Who would willingly have their hair cut like this?

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Call 911

September 2, 2008 at 11:43 am (Mock Turtleneck, Scarf, Sharon Stone) (, , , , , )

Is Sharon Stone unwell? Has she consumed an illegal drug? In a lethargic stupor from too much turkey? Exhausted from singlehandedly curing AIDS? Should someone call a doctor? 911?

She has taken style cues from Matthew McConaughey and wrapped a bubblicious rainbow scarf around her bedraggled head. Apparently, whatever is ailing Ms. Stone prevents her from combing her hair or washing her face. And it gives her the chills so she has to wear a ribbed turtleneck sweater in Malibu.

I am worried she is suffering from multiple personality. Where is the “I-OWN-this-red-carpet” Sharon Stone who can show up even Elton John in outrageousness? Bring her back! We love to mock and ridicule *that* Sharon Stone. It is so unrewarding to mock and ridicule this Sharon Stone.

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